TOP 19 Short Polish girl Names

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1 Tolla Girl Polish Worthy of praise
2 Ewa Girl Polish Life
3 Roza Girl Polish Rose
4 Marek Girl Polish Warlike
5 Tekli Girl Polish Famous for god
6 Kasia Girl Polish From katherine
7 Rasia Girl Polish Queen
8 Ksena Girl Polish Praise to god
9 Truda Girl Polish Warrior woman
10 Ania Girl Polish Form of hannah
11 Tait Girl Polish Cheerful
12 Brede Girl Polish The glaciar
13 Tola Girl Polish Priceless
14 Alina Girl Polish Beautiful, bright
15 Jasia Girl Polish Form of jane
16 Lilka Girl Polish Warrior maiden
17 Magda Girl Polish High tower
18 Lidia Girl Polish Province in asia
19 Jania Girl Polish God is gracious
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