TOP 22 Short Italian boy Names

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1 Guido Boy Italian Forest guide
2 Rocco Boy Italian Rock
3 Vito Boy Italian Life
4 Draco Boy Italian Dragon
5 Nico Boy Italian Victorious people
6 Luigi Boy Italian Warrior
7 Gino Boy Italian Born noble
8 Ugo Boy Italian Intelligence, spirit
9 Marco Boy Italian Derived from marc
10 Primo Boy Italian First born
11 Tino Boy Italian Small
12 Sal Boy Italian Derived from salvador
13 Dino Boy Italian Little sword
14 Leo Boy Italian A lion
15 Milan Boy Italian Northerner
16 Mario Boy Italian Warlike
17 Leone Boy Italian Lion
18 Paolo Boy Italian Small
19 Drago Boy Italian Dragon
20 Lucio Boy Italian Bringer of light
21 Carlo Boy Italian Form of carl
22 Fico Boy Italian A fig
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