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Following are the list of beautiful, unique, unusual, uncommon, modern, most popular, awesome and easy to pronounce girl names starting with letter x.

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1 Xadrian Girl American Of the adriatic
2 Xalbadora Girl Spanish Savior
3 Xalvadora Girl Spanish Savior
4 Xalvadora Girl Spanish Savior
5 Xandra Girl English Defender of mankind. Feminine of Alexander.
6 Xandy Girl American Derived from alexander
7 Xannon Girl American Ancient god
8 Xantara Girl American Protector of the earth
9 Xanthe Girl Greek Blonde, yellow
10 Xaria Girl American Gift of love (zaria)
11 Xaviera Girl Spanish Owner of a new house.
12 Xaviera Girl Spanish Bright: splendid. Feminine of Xavier.
13 Xaviere Girl French New house
14 Xavierra Girl French Owner of a new home
15 Xavierre Girl French Owner of a new home
16 Xena Girl Greek Hospitable
17 Xenia Girl Greek Hospitable
18 Xenophon Girl Greek Strange voice
19 Xevera Girl Spanish Owns a new house
20 Xeveria Girl Spanish Owns a new house
21 Xexilia Girl American Blind
22 Xhosa Girl African South african tribe
23 Xi wang Girl Chinese Hope
24 Xia Girl Chinese Glow of the sunrise
25 Xiang Girl Chinese Fragrant
26 Xiao Girl Chinese Chen early morning
27 Ximena Girl Hebrew N/a
28 Xin Girl Chinese Qian happy, beautiful
29 Xinavane Girl African Spread, propagate
30 Xing Girl Chinese Star
31 Xing xing Girl Chinese Twin stars
32 Xiomara Girl Spanish Ready for battle
33 Xiu Girl Chinese Elegant, beautiful
34 Xiu juan Girl Chinese Elegant, graceful
35 Xola Girl African Stay in peace
36 Xolani Girl African Please forgive
37 Xuan Girl Vietnamese Spring
38 Xue Girl Chinese Snow
39 Xue fang Girl Chinese Fragrant snow
40 Xuxa Girl Spanish Queen
41 Xylia Girl Greek From the forest
42 Xylon Girl Greek Lives in the forest
43 Xylona Girl Greek From the forest
44 Xyza Girl Others By the sea
Page 1 of 1, Showing 44 of 44 Records
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