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1 Na yab Girl Arabic Scarce, rare
2 Na'ilah Girl Arabic Acquirer, obtainer, one who succeeds
3 Na'ima Girl Arabic Comfort, amenity, tranquility, peace
4 Na'imah Girl Arabic Comfort, amenity, tranquility, peace
5 Naadhirah Girl Muslim-Islamic (Naazirah) One with healthy and happy looks, a bright face reflecting luster and freshness.
6 Naadirah Girl Muslim-Islamic Rare, choice, precious.
7 Naafiah Girl Muslim-Islamic Profitable, advantagious, useful, beneficial, good.
8 Naailah Girl Muslim-Islamic Earner, winner, Some thing special.
9 Naaima Girl Muslim-Islamic Gentle | Tender and Delicate
10 Naairah Girl Muslim-Islamic Bright, Shining
11 Naaji Girl Muslim-Islamic Saver.
12 Naajidah Girl Muslim-Islamic Courageous, a lady who accomplishes difficult or takes libertasks. one who appeals for help ties.
13 Naajiya Girl Muslim-Islamic One who saves oneself, One who gets salvation.
14 Naal Girl Celtic-Gaelic Birth
15 Naamah Girl Hebrew Pleasant
16 Naamit Girl Hebrew Bird
17 Naashirah Girl Muslim-Islamic A helper, a friend.
18 Naashitah Girl Muslim-Islamic Lively, brisk, active, energetic, a monitor, a giving sound
19 Naasihah Girl Muslim-Islamic An advisor, a sincere friend: counselor, a faithful minister, advice.
20 Naasira Girl Muslim-Islamic Defender, Helper, One who helps render victorious, Friend
21 Naava Girl Biblical Pleasant, beautiful
22 Naava Girl Hebrew Pleasant, beautiful
23 Naava Girl Hebrew Beautiful
24 Naavah Girl Hebrew Beautiful
25 Naayantara Girl Indian-Hindu Star Of Our Eyes
26 Naayela Girl Muslim-Islamic achiever
27 Naaz Girl Arabic Pride
28 Naaz Girl Muslim-Islamic Pride, elegance, Glory,gracefulness, fresh.
29 Naazhimah Girl Muslim-Islamic (Naazimah) Administrator, manager
30 Naazhirah Girl Muslim-Islamic (Naazirah) Fresh, spectator, seer.
31 Naazira Girl Muslim-Islamic One with healthy and happy, One with healthy and happy looks, radiant, flourishing, resplendent, bright, beaming.
32 Naazneen Girl Muslim-Islamic Beautiful
33 Naba Girl Muslim-Islamic Great News, Famous, good, pious.
34 Nabaahat Girl Muslim-Islamic Renown, Nobleness, Eminence
35 Nabaha Girl Muslim-Islamic Fame, nobility, intelligence, brightness, brilliance.
36 Nabahat Girl Muslim-Islamic Nabahat is an Arabic name for boys and girls that means vigilance, wakefulness.
37 Nabakalika Girl Bengali A new bud
38 Nabamallika Girl Bengali A double jasmine
39 Nabami Girl Bengali The ninth day of luner forthnight
40 Nabamita Girl Bengali The ninth day of luner forthnight
41 Nabani Girl Bengali Fresh butter
42 Nabanita Girl Bengali Fresh butter
43 Nabanna Girl Bengali New grain
44 Nabawiya Girl Muslim-Islamic Prophetic.
45 Nabeeha Girl Arabic Intelligent
46 Nabeeha Girl Muslim-Islamic Noble, famous, eminent, distinguished, brilliant, intelligent, fem. of Nabih.
47 Nabeela Girl Arabic Noble
48 Nabeela Girl Muslim-Islamic Beautiful, Wise, Noble, Intelligent
49 Nabeelah Girl Muslim-Islamic Noble
50 Nabhanah Girl Muslim-Islamic Nabhanah is an Arabic name for girls that means vigilant, wakeful, aware.
Page 1 of 28, Showing 50 of 1352 Records