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Following are the list of beautiful, unique, unusual, uncommon, modern, most popular, awesome and easy to pronounce boy names starting with letter v.

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1 Vaaman Boy Indian-Hindu Lord Vishnu
2 Vaarin Boy Indian-Hindu Ocean
3 Vachan Boy Sikh Give word, promise
4 Vachaspati Boy Bengali Lord of speech
5 Vachaspati Boy Indian-Hindu Lord of speech
6 Vachel Boy French Small cow
7 Vachel Boy French Little cow
8 Vadin Boy Bengali Known lecturer
9 Vadin Boy Indian-Hindu Known lecturer
10 Vadin Boy Indian-Hindu Known lecturer
11 Vadish Boy Bengali Lord of the body
12 Vadish Boy Indian-Hindu Lord of the body
13 Vafa Boy Arabic Loyalty, faithfulness
14 Vafi Boy Muslim-Islamic Complete, Just
15 Vagesh Boy Bengali Lord of speech
16 Vagindra Boy Bengali Lord of speech
17 Vagindra Boy Indian-Hindu Lord of speech
18 Vagish Boy Bengali God of speech ( lord brahma)
19 Vagish Boy Indian-Hindu Lord brahma
20 Vagmine Boy Bengali Spokesman
21 Vahe Boy Armenian Strong
22 Vahin Boy Bengali Lord shiva
23 Vahin Boy Indian-Hindu Lord shiva
24 Vaibhav Boy Indian-Hindu Richness
25 Vaibhav Boy Indian-Hindu Richness
26 Vaibhav Boy Bengali Richness
27 Vaidyanath Boy Bengali Master of medicines,
28 Vaidyanathan Boy Bengali The king of medicine
29 Vaijayi Boy Indian-Hindu Victor
30 Vaijeenath Boy Bengali Lord siva
31 Vaijnath Boy Bengali Lord shiva
32 Vaikartan Boy Bengali Name of karna
33 Vaikartan Boy Indian-Hindu Name of karna
34 Vaikhan Boy Bengali Lord vishnu
35 Vaikhan Boy Indian-Hindu Lord vishnu
36 Vaikunth Boy Indian-Hindu Abode of vishnu
37 Vaikunth Boy Bengali Vaikuntam, the abode of lord vishnu
38 Vaikunth nath Boy Bengali Master of heavens
39 Vail Boy French From the vale
40 Vail Boy English Lives in the valley
41 Vainavin Boy Bengali Lord shiva
42 Vainavin Boy Indian-Hindu Lord shiva
43 Vairaj Boy Bengali Spiritual glory
44 Vairaj Boy Indian-Hindu Spiritual glory
45 Vairaja Boy Bengali Son of virat
46 Vairaja Boy Indian-Hindu Son Of Virat
47 Vairat Boy Bengali Gem
48 Vairat Boy Indian-Hindu Gem
49 Vairinchya Boy Indian-Hindu Lord brahma's son
50 Vairinchya Boy Bengali Lord brahma\'s son
Page 1 of 12, Showing 50 of 572 Records