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1 EIlis Boy Hebrew Jehovah is God
2 Ea Boy Celtic-Gaelic Fire
3 Ea Boy Celtic Fire
4 Eachan Boy Irish Horseman
5 Eadbeorht Boy English Wealthy
6 Eadbert Boy Anglo-Saxon Name of a king
7 Eadburt Boy English Wealthy
8 Eadelmarr Boy English Noble
9 Eadgard Boy Anglo-Saxon Lucky spearman
10 Eadger Boy English Wealthy spear
11 Eadig Boy Anglo-Saxon Blessed
12 Eadlyn Boy Anglo-Saxon Wealthy friend
13 Eadmund Boy English Happy defender
14 Eadoin Boy Celtic-Gaelic Blessed with many friends
15 Eadoin Boy Irish Blessed with many friends
16 Eadric Boy English Wealthy ruler
17 Eadsele Boy English From Edward's estate
18 Eadward Boy English Wealthy guardian
19 Eadward Boy Anglo-Saxon Guardian
20 Eadwardsone Boy English Son of Edward
21 Eadweald Boy English Wealthy ruler
22 Eadweard Boy English Wealthy guardian
23 Eadwiella Boy English From the old spring
24 Eadwine Boy English Wealthy friend
25 Eadwyn Boy English Wealthy friend
26 Eadwyn Boy Anglo-Saxon Valued
27 Eagan Boy Irish Mighty
28 Eagan Boy Irish Fiery: forceful.
29 Eagon Boy Irish Fiery
30 Ealdian Boy Anglo-Saxon Live long
31 Ealdun Boy English From the elves'valley
32 Ealdwode Boy English From the old forest
33 Ealhdun Boy English From the elves'valley
34 Ealhhard Boy English Brave
35 Eallard Boy English Brave
36 Eallison Boy English Son of Elder
37 Eames Boy Irish Prosperous protector. Variant of Edmund.
38 Eamon Boy Irish Wealthy protector
39 Eamon Boy Celtic-Gaelic Wealthy protector
40 Eamon Boy Irish Guardian
41 Eamon Boy Anglo-Saxon Wealthy defender
42 Eanruig Boy Scottish Rules the home
43 Ear Boy Scottish From the east
44 Earc Boy Irish Red
45 Earh Boy Anglo-Saxon Coward
46 Earie Boy Scottish From the east
47 Earl Boy Celtic-Gaelic Pledge, nobleman
48 Earl Boy Irish Pledge, nobleman
49 Earl Boy English Nobleman. Name based on the English title of Earl.
50 Earl Boy Anglo-Saxon Chief
Page 1 of 15, Showing 50 of 710 Records