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1 BaIloch Boy Scottish From the pasture
2 Baadi Boy Muslim-Islamic Distinct, evident, plain, Clear
3 Baadir Boy Muslim-Islamic Shining
4 Baahi Boy Muslim-Islamic Glorious, magnificent.
5 Baahir Boy Arabic Dazzling; brilliant
6 Baahir Boy Muslim-Islamic Dazzling, Brilliant, Prevailing.
7 Baakir Boy African Eldest
8 Baakir Boy Muslim-Islamic early ,Early morning
9 Baalaaditya Boy Bengali Risen sun
10 Baaligh Boy Muslim-Islamic Major, (Adult)
11 Baan Boy Sikh God's hymns
12 Baaqir Boy Muslim-Islamic Deeply learned, Genius ,Wise, Intelligent, Clever
13 Baar Boy Muslim-Islamic Just, Pious.
14 Baare Boy Muslim-Islamic Brilliant, superior, outstanding.
15 Baari Boy Arabic One of the names of god;
16 Baari Boy Muslim-Islamic Originator, creator, One of the names of Allah (swt).
17 Baariq Boy Muslim-Islamic Shining, lightning, bright, illuminating.
18 Baariz Boy Muslim-Islamic Visible and Prominent
19 Baasha Boy Muslim-Islamic Don
20 Baashir Boy Muslim-Islamic Baashir is an Arabic name for boys that means bringer of good news, bringer of good tidings.
21 Baasim Boy Arabic Smiling
22 Baasim Boy Muslim-Islamic Smiling
23 Baasir Boy Muslim-Islamic Seeing, wise.
24 Baasit Boy Arabic One who spreads or grants prosperity
25 Baasit Boy Muslim-Islamic One who spreads or grants prosperity
26 Baaz Boy Muslim-Islamic Falcon
27 Bab Boy Arabic Door, gate, chapter, topic, subject
28 Bab Boy Muslim-Islamic Door, gate, chapter, topic, subject
29 Baback Boy Persian Loving father
30 Babak Boy Muslim-Islamic Babak is a Persian name for boys that means father, mentor, and in ancient Persia was used as an endearing term for fathers (similar to daddy in English).
31 Babala Boy Indian-Hindu Above
32 Babar Boy Muslim-Islamic Origin: Hindi. Literal Meaning: Lion. Contextual meaning: King of Jungle, Lion hearted, brave, courageous and exemplary leadership qualities. Highly, powerful and influential, very charsimatic and bold with splendor and positive radiance.
33 Babbar Boy Muslim-Islamic Tiger
34 Babbu Boy Sikh Na
35 Baber Boy Muslim-Islamic Courageous, Lion
36 Babik Boy Muslim-Islamic Law, A King Name
37 Babr Boy Muslim-Islamic Babr is a Persian name for boys that means tiger.
38 Babrak Boy Muslim-Islamic Little Basilica Flower.
39 Babu Boy African Grandfather
40 Babu Boy Bengali A pet name
41 Babul Boy Bengali Father,tree
42 Babul Boy Indian-Hindu Hindu Boy
43 Bac Boy Scottish Bank
44 Bachan Boy Sikh Promise
45 Bachaspati Boy Bengali Wise person
46 Bachir Boy Muslim-Islamic advertiser
47 Bachittar Boy Sikh Wounderous merits
48 Backstere Boy English Baker
49 Badaah Boy Muslim-Islamic Badaah is an Arabic name for boys that means large, wide area of land.
50 Badal Boy Bengali Cloud
Page 1 of 34, Showing 50 of 1681 Records